Old Man and the See

Old Man and the See

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Busting Loose

And Busteth Forth a Burst So Powerful
That the Trees Shook and the Ground Trembled

Contained it Could not Be
For it was pure and just 

so forth it bust

One Fish, Solo Fish, Not Swedish Fish, Norwegian Fish

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Holding of Hands

In the Future Signs 
will tell us when and where 
to hold hands

also who's hand to hold
at that time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Colors Are Nice

And Shapes Are Fun

Not everything has to be a fifty page thesis.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who Knows Why

For Some Stupid Reason

I always picture donkeys uttering


ki-osk: a small stand-alone device providing information and                       services on a computers screen.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oakland Whodidit Solved

The signs don't lie. Police were called to the scene yesterday as a body was found. Not a live body. Taken to the morgue and later identified as Shakes the Cat what a sad day. Bite marks at the neck and torso were analyzed by forensics. In fact K-9 DNA was found in all the lethal wounds.

Dog on cat violence had been down in recent years in Oakland.

Was it drug related?

Was it personal?

Was a debt owed?

So many questions to be asked and maybe never answered.

So many of these cases go unsolved but not this one. The database of K-9 DNA got a hit. 

Seen above is Marco the alleged perpetrator of this heinous crime. Currently he is incarcerated awaiting trial based on solid DNA evidence. If you have any further information on this case please come forward, but it is not likely we will change your name to protect your innocence.

You feel good when you solve a case but can't help the feeling (deep in the pit of your stomach) that your job only exists due to horrendous circumstances. Makes for a lot of sleepless nights.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Oakland Whodunit Part 2

Where we left off in our tale we had found ourselves a broken public telephone. A very disheartening sight I must say because it was needed to call an important contact on the case of the missing cat face. Upon further inspection it seemed that the phone only needed to be pieced back together to become operational again. Luckily I keep gold duct tape in back pack for just such an emergency. So with the tele up and running I called the only one who could give me any information on the subject.

Pontius's Oakland Relative:


According to the street wise Nontius our missing feline was last seen on East 23rd enjoying a quiet afternoon dominos game with the boys (as Shakes the cat usually did). Forgive my late mention of his name but now you know. It is alleged he left the game around 5:15 to catch a nice dusk nap (as Shakes the cat usually did). I then went to the area to search for any signs be they big or be they small.

I Looked Up:

Very Helpful Sign.

End Part 2

Monday, January 7, 2013

An Oakland Whodunit

Traveling around with a picture making/taking device sometimes turns a person into a sort of civilian gumshoe on the trail of clues and evidences for purpose of solving criminal activities that may or may not be a foot. Becoming a happenstance private dick can become quite bothersome and time consuming if you aren't careful. All of the sudden an entire day has been lost to such endeavors without one single kudo or heaven forbid kudos.

One of the most heinous of crimes in this wanderer's book can be seen below:

Most upsetting.

Upon seeing this I just new in my heart I must spring into action or stop at the bar and have a beer. So after having a beer I immediately had another. Then I was ready to begin to start an attempt to find poor poor pussy and bring its captors to the local magistrate. Well considering I lost my only means of communication at the local pub (by lost I should say confiscated in lieu of payment for libations) I had to find some other teleconferencing device such as a PAY PHONE. Where does one find such an antiquated machine? Possibly a museum could have one on display for a price but I had only enough pocket change to make a call not to gain entrance to the Look Don't Touch.

Now a gumshoe for a cat turns into a double gumshoe for a phone then cat. What next shall I be in search for? Well I turned to the only resource I had which was the people of the streets. So I began asking and asking about the old time device and got many responses and most none of them pleasant. But with my try try again attitude and a southerners charm I finally came upon a man who believed he had seen one a few blocks away either for real or for real in a dream. What had I to lose? I got my steps in and pounded that pavement and in the distance I could see it my very own steely monolith. I had arrived...

To this:

Most upsetting.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Babe in the Palms

If you had never been to either Oakland or Brooklyn the only difference really is the Palm trees. But if you had lived in Brooklyn for many years and moved to Oakland then the major differences would be Palm trees and the lack of one's amazing friends.

So A Pontius in Oakland is born. Pushed into the reeds to fend for himself and set forth to forage for grains and milk all alone. Well maybe its not quite that dramatic but this is a writing exercise to keep your interest so just a bump of embellishment is required. 

This story is unfortunately a cliff hanger so hopefully it will maintain your interest and keep you coming back. Possibly towards the end, as I ride through the broken asphalt streets upon a donkey, the words and images herein will make cause for the masses to wave the fronds of palms whilst singing "Hosanna, Hosanna". An ass on a ass (Pontius not Jesus) is a fitting enough image without all the other pomp.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Public service announcements are important for the publickers

Before the public takes matters into their own hands a good government must release statements of truth to teach their citizens good morals and ethics. I would not be a good citizen if I did not expand upon those morals with my own unique and responsible set that I have developed over the years.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conclusion ...

Epilogue to follow shortly

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Set Of three pages for Children's book

The end of the first part of the children's book is near but the epilogue will really tie it all together just like a rug in the center of a room would

Friday, February 10, 2012

First Three Pages of A Children's Book

Do Have a Click on the Below image

This is an older book I was working on and have since decided to revisit. These are the first three pages. It does start off very much a child's story but when you (the reader) read the epilogue you understand the background of the characters and what happens to them post starring in this epic

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Things Julianne Moore

I must say anything Julianne Moore does is spectacular. Whether it be acting, modeling, writing children's books, and overall being a classic beauty. Below was last seasons ad campaign for Bulgari and you throw in some wildlife and super luxe surroundings with Julianne's porcelain skin you have got a winner. Above Julianne in Beige on Beige with white jacket and black blouse still commands respect with her stern look for Talbots. Not even sure what a talbots is but this ad is timeless and clearly for a much more mature woman.



Ads I like - We look at them so much why not judge them

These Ads for giuseppe zanotti design are sexy, super 80s and the woman in them seems to own the camera. All of the outfits compliment the shoes very well and the colors pop against the white background. The choice of white walls, white couch, and white fur rug works very well here.


So long wing ed Friend

Friday, September 16, 2011


Raise your hand
take a stand

it aint so grand,
not the promised land

you'll give till it hurts
then give some more

sure is honorable though. to the highest degree.
what have you done today? who me?

cant say i compare to what others have dared.

Mom reenlisting in the United States Military with Dad next to her.
Pretty badass if you ask me. and if you didn't ask me?
Go fuck yourself

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cock of the Walk

Cock of the walk
Cock of the Wok

Walking and cocking
woking and cockin

walking and caulking
wokin and caulkin

chalk on the walk
the side walk
side of the wok

words "R" fun
fun "R" woods

i wood like more pi (3.14159265... yada,yada, and ta da)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Ride for Fifty

I'll Give you a ride
just step inside

And all it will cost is fifty

Be it dollars or cents
or even just pence

as long as it amounts to fifty

You can decide
the length of the ride

short, long, sideways, up ways,
any old way it will do

don't garner hate
making others to wait
for they deserve a nice ride after you

i hope you return
as long as you've learned
that fifty will be charged no matter who

good day